Why you should write a Google Review!

Visited Dr Sanjay Nayak’s Dental Speciality Clinic recently? And Want to share your impressions about it.

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Writing a review on Google is a task that you should not overlook.

Your voice as a patient helps the community to make an informed choice. It can also provide us the Clinic,  invaluable insight to learn from and make improvements. However, your reviews must have key information to make the maximum impact.

  1. Just a star rating is not enough-You must mention specifics about your experience, no matter if your rating is high or low. Think of why the clinic deserves specifically your rating score.  Is it because of treatment results, politeness of staff, pricing? Write a short to-the-point overview to give an accurate representation of your experience at the clinic.
  2. Provide Details-Mention the specifics, like the reason for your visit-Is it genera dental issues or more specific procedures like Root canal etc.  Other details such ease of getting appointments, and how easily you were able to communicate, also help people in understanding if the clinic is a good match for their needs.
  3. Mention if your problem was solved– Most people who read google reviews are highly interested if the patient’s problem was successfully treated.  Are you happy or dissatisfied? Include it in your review.
  4. Be Fair– Do not get swayed with your feelings and rate a dentist negatively due to causes beyond the control of the clinic, as  your rating will impact the whole team. Be considerate and constructive in your evaluation.

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