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Tooth Decay – 5 Habits you need to adopt for better Dental Health…

Good oral health demands more than just brushing your teeth twice every day.  Poor habits may creep into your lifestyle unknowingly, causing long term damage to your dental health.  Healthy teeth are required for your entire lifetime, so the earlier you inculcate good habits the better chances of having a good oral health.  Here are five habits that will help you win the battle against tooth decay.

  1. Brushing your teeth before going to bed-Brushing your teeth twice a day is extremely important to maintain good dental health. In fact, brushing at night is probably more important than brushing in the morning. So make it a habit to brush your teeth and motivate your children to do so every night before going to bed.
  2. Using a soft toothbrush-Avoid using a toothbrush with hard bristles as this practice may damage the protective tooth enamel and trigger tooth wear and sensitivity. Instead, use a soft brush and use it gently in a circular brushing motion. Needless to say, change your toothbrush regularly at the first sign of your toothbrush bristles showing even slight damage.
  3. Flossing-Always floss after brushing your teeth as this will remove the impurities stuck between small gaps in the teeth. Brush, Floss, and Wash is the simple three-step routine you need to do every night before going to bed. Flossing once a day is enough.
  4. Avoid Drinking carbonated drinks-Regular consumption of colas, fruit drinks and sugary carbonated drinks should be avoided as much as possible.  These contain considerable amounts of added sugar that attack your tooth enamel and lead to acid erosion with increased risks of cavities.
  5. Visit your Dentist regularly-Brushing and Flossing daily goes a long way to maintain good oral health, but regular visits to your dentist, at least once every six months is important to remove all plaque from your teeth and gum that may develop over time. This will also help you to detect any trouble areas and take preventive measures before they develop into more complex issues.

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